U.T.S. Northern Suburbs Athletic Club Inc.

Club Coaches

Ron Bendall

Level 4 Sprints, Hurdles, Relays, Coaching the Young Athlete

Level 2 Throws, Jumps, Endurance Running

M: 0416 171609       H:9380 8283

email: ron.bendall@gmail.com

Facebook Page: Ron Bendall Athletics

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Andy Burton

Sprints, Hurdles

IAAF Level 3 Sprints, Hurdles

M: 0431 550 105

email: abbt@mac.com

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Ryan Dowling.png

Ryan Dowling

IAAF Level 3 Performance Development Coach

AA Level 2 Throws, Jumps & Middle Distance

Combined Event Coach (Pentathlon & Heptathlon)

No Hammer Throw or Pole Vault Experience

M: 0405 000 311

email: coach@maximumeffort.academy

website: www.maximumeffort.academy

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Penny Gillies

Level 5 Hurdles

Level 4 Sprints & Relays

H: 9876 1275

M: 0439 343 322

email: pegillies@hotmail.com

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Mike Hurst

Athletics Australia & ATFCA Level 4 sprints coach.

Lectured at IAAF L4 sprints coach education course



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Ben Liddy.jpg

Ben Liddy

Level 4 Senior IAAF Coach - Middle & Long Distance

M: 0412 243 232

email: blidds@hotmail.com

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John quinn.jpg
John Quinn

Level 5 Coach

High Performance Coach

M: 0425 736 765


website: www.quinnelitesports.com.au

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Renee Liddy (Robson)

Level 3 Sprints and Relays Coach

Email: robsonrenee@hotmail.com

Phone: 0429 355 413

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Bart Steanes.jpg

Bart Steanes

Throws Coach

M: 0426 872 712


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