UTS Registration

  • UTS Northern Suburbs offers a variety of membership options to suit your needs. Please note all current memberships last until the 30th September 2022.

  • 2021/22 Open Membership $210 - For a student seeking the premium opens athlete experience and the full ANSW calendar. This membership grants entry to any competition conducted by ANSW, AA and other state athletics organisations. It also grants athletes the ability to qualify for National Championship, State Championship and grand prix style events. It also grants access to the clubs training and coaching facilities.

  • 2021/22 Concession Membership $160 – The same as the open membership but the athlete must be under 20 as of 31 December 2022.

  • 2020/21 Community Membership $30 - Perfect for UTS students looking to try out athletics. It allows students to gain access to the club’s All-Comers Series club competitions conducted on Saturday’s and other local non permit meets conducted around Sydney. It also gains access to the clubs training and coaching facilities, including the gym at Rotary field which is open during club training hours. With a Community Membership, you are ineligible to enter ANSW and AA sanctioned events or qualification for further representation without upgrading to a Junior or Open Athlete Membership.

  • Also note that you can purchase a membership to UTSN at any stage of the season as athletics is conducted all year round. To get the most value out of your registration, signing up at the start of the season October is recommended.

  • UTS Student Reimbursement Policy: UTS Northern Suburbs has pledged to also support UTS students who are not a part of the Elite Athlete Program. To be eligible, a UTS Student must participate in 4 ANSW competitions from the following list (Interclub, Club Championships, State Championships, State Relays), or 3 ANSW winter competitions then they will receive a reimbursement on their purchased registration. If you have any other queries regarding this policy please contact Samuel.Colless@uts.edu.au

  • Winter Only - A winter only membership is available at the start of each winter season. The cost is usually around half of the full season price each year.