May 2013

North Star winter migration - RSS feeds: good; emails: daggy

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The upgraded website has two new RSS Feeds. See the little symbols at the foot of this page. This is how the Club sends news, just like millions of other websites.


The old way of emailed North Star has been retired. It served us well but time has moved on. You might get the occasional emails from team mangers, but UTS North news will not be sent that way.


Migrating from emails to RSS feeds

To migrate you to the new RSS feeds is tricky. We cannot do all the steps for your subscription to the RSS feeds for you. You have to do that.

Just click on the symbol at the bottom of the webpage for a news feed below and then follow the prompts. You are one or two steps away from automatically getting UTSN website posts delivered automatically to you.


  • RSS feeds are an easy way for you to get UTS Norths news sent to your PC, smartphone or tablet. You can subscribe in as many ways as you wish.  You control if, when and how you get the RSS feeds.

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  • Signing up to the RSS feeds has nothing to do with your email address. The RSS feeds do not need that information – the feed posts go straight to wherever you chose, including your face book page.


Feedburner – an important but annoying interim step

We could not use those smartypants RSS feeds to migrate everyone from the dinosaur-emails (because you haven’t subscribed to them, have you?), so we have used “feedburner” as an interim step.


Feedburner is a thingywhatchamecallit that allowed us to tell you about the change to RSS feeds. It uses your email address to ask you to sign up to use feedburner BUT WE DON’T WANT YOU TO USE FEEDBURNER. If you really wanted to keep only getting emails, then you would take all the final steps to subscribe to feedburner. If you do that, the RSS feeds get processed into emails sent to you. Even with feedburner we could not verify your email subscription for you (so you would have to complete the verification steps yourself) and, frankly, we don’t want to because emailed posts sent through feedburner can be delayed for days, are clunky and have limits to what goes in them. Google will probably switch off feedburner soon. (Psst! - We have just used it as a free way to let you know what to do.)


What you should do

If you are here because you got an email asking you to verify your subscription, do not do that!


Now that you are at the UTSN website, just subscribe to the two RSS feeds at the foot of the page - from whatever computer or phone or tablet you want - or all of them! Just click on the little symbols and you will be part of the big, cuddly UTS Norths News community

Four UTS athletes chosen to represent Australia


May 13, 2013


Three UTS Norths athletes have been named in the national team to contest the Oceania Games and a fourth has been selected to represent Australia in the World University Games.


James Kaan is one of nine NSW athletes chosen in the World Uni Games team and will contest the 1500m at Kazan in Russia in July.

The Australian selectors have chosen 29 of the country’s best emerging athletes to take part in the Games and Kaan is one of six national champions in the team.


He is coached by James Fitzgerald who also coached club president Frazer Dowling when he took part in the World Uni Games in China in 2001.


Athletes from 170 countries will contest 27 sports at the Games and the overall Australian contingent is more than 200.


Maddie Powell, Pat Frith and Beth Croft have all been selected to contest the Oceania Games in Papeete in French Polynesia in June.


It is the second time Maddie has contested the Oceania Games.  In 2006 she represented Australia in the under 18 years 100m hurdles and 4x100m relay. This year she will run in the open 400m hurdles.


Beth will contest the u/18 2000m steeplechase and Pat will take part in the u/18 400m.


Both Maddie and Beth are coached by Penny Gillies.


Forty-three athletes have been selected in the team, including 16 from NSW. 

Maddie Powell in action