James FitzGerald



James is in his 20th year as a professional coach. In that time James has been coaching athletes registered with UTS Norths or NSLAC since 1996. During the late 90's James had an impressive squad of Junior middle distance running who were predominately UTS members. Four of these athletes represented Australia at the World School Cross Country Championships. During this period James also coached current UTS Club President Frazer Dowling to a National Open Silver medal in the 800m. Frazer was then selected to represent Australia at the World University Championships in China.


Since 2003 James has coached students from Westfields Sports. In 2007 he expanded his squad (TFS369). In the past 5 seasons James has coached two National Open 800m champions, Nick Bromley in 2009 and James Kaan in 2011. He is also the current throws coach at NSLAC and St Joseph's College as well as the Cross Country coach at Abbotsleigh School for Girls.


Level 4 Accredited coach ATFCA


M: 0412 418 523


Website: www.jpfsports.com.au