UTS Scholarships

  • EAP nominations are open from Dec 1 - Feb 1 for each year, or Jul 1 - Jul 12 for mid year applicants.

  • UTS Norths are one of 10 High Performance Clubs at UTS, which means we can offer a wider range of benefits and services to more student athletes than ever before. Just apply via the main EAP intake and we'll take care of the rest. For more information, head to the link above.

  • Students looking to join the EAP must be able to provide some information on their athletic background, their highest level of participation and their achievements throughout the past 24 months.

  • UTS Student Reimbursement Policy, UTS Northern Suburbs has pledged to also support UTS students who are not a part of the Elite Athlete Program. Our current policy dictates that if a UTS Student participates in 5 days of ANSW Summer Competition and contributes points to the club. Then they will receive a reimbursement on their purchased registration. If you have any other queries regarding this policy please contact Samuel.Colless@uts.edu.au