UTS Scholarships

  • Students looking to join the EAP must be able to provide some information on their athletic background, their highest level of participation and their achievements throughout the past 24 months.

  • UTS Northern Suburbs also offers extensive support to UTS EAP athletes and the club’s National and State Champions. This potentially includes competition, travel, medical and coaching fee reimbursements.

  • UTS Student Reimbursement Policy, UTS Northern Suburbs has pledged to also support UTS students who are not a part of the Elite Athlete Program. Our current policy dictates that if a UTS Student participates in 5 days of ANSW Summer Competition and contributes points to the club. Then they will receive a reimbursement on their purchased registration. If you have any other queries regarding this policy please contact Samuel.Colless@uts.edu.au

PO Box 516 Artarmon NSW 1570 E-mail: info@utsnorthsath.com.au

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