Registration  for the 2015-16 Season

 FEBRUARY 01, 2016

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Members of Athletics New South Wales are entitled to a host of benefits depending on their level of membership.


Benefits include eligibility to compete in ANSW events, coverage for Personal Accident Insurance,  Annual Calendar, Registration/Competition bib, eAthlete information service and access to the ANSW Athlete's Advantage Membership Program.


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The 2015/16 Summer Calendar has been released

FEBRUARY 01 2016


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NSW Junior & Youth Championships



Friday 5th - Sunday 7th February 2016


Competition Status

These events are permitted by Athletics Australia (AA). An AA permit allows athletes to qualify for international events and break state and/ or national records.



Athletes must be registered with an Athletics NSW affiliated club for the 2015/16 season and be between the ages of 12 and 19 years inclusive i.e. born between 1997 and 2004 inclusive. If you are not currently registered with a club you can register online here.



Registered Athletics NSW club members must wear their correct club uniform. Athletes must have their Athletics NSW 2015-16 registration numbers attached on the front and back (except in pole vault and high jump events).



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Entry fee is $20 per event. An entry fee cap of $70 applies to all entries.


Spectators will be required to pay gate entry, Adults - $7.00 per person per day and U18’s - $4.00 per person per day.


Entries close midday Tuesday 26th January 2016.


Late Entry


Late entries are not guaranteed and are only accepted on the approval of the Athletics NSW Competition Manager or Technical Delegate. Athletics NSW reserves the right to refuse late entries.  No field event late entries will be accepted. If a track late entry is accepted, it will cost $35 per event and must be lodged 90 minutes prior to the start of the event on the official late entry form.




Click here to view the FINAL timetable. Please check carefully to confirm the start time for each of your events.

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U20 5000m Races:

The male and female U20 5000m championship will be included in the NSW 5000m Championships on Saturday 13th February 2016. There will be no separate races for U20 athletes. All races will be open seeded races and U20 placing's will be based on finishing times of those eligible. Medal presentation will be conducted at the conclusion of the A race. 


Qualifying for the 2016 Australian Junior Championships

Any athlete who places 1st, 2nd or 3rd for their age group (U14, U15, U16, U17, U18, U20) will be eligible for the Australian Junior Championships. An athlete must compete at the 2016 NSW Junior & Youth Championships even if already successfully gaining qualification via the 2015 NSW All Schools Championships or have met the qualifying standard.



Due to the a clash between the IPC Grand Prix meet in Canberra and the 2016 NSW Junior Championships, Athletics NSW have granted a dispensation to para athletes competing in the IPC Grand Prix meet to forego attendance to the NSW Junior Championships. As such the requirement for para athletes to attend the NSW Junior Championships to qualify for the Australian Junior Championships has been waived for 2016. 



Para athletes attending the IPC Grand Prix will still need to have either met the AA qualification standard or placed 1st, 2nd or 3rd at the 2015 NSW All Schools in the U16 or U20 age category to qualify for the Australian Junior Champs. Nominations will be due Monday 8th February 2016 and the forms will be available here shortly.


On the Day Check-in

Athletes must report to Athlete Check-In at least 60 minutes before the start of each of their events to confirm their entry. Failure to check in may results in the athlete being scratched from the event. Athletes are encouraged to check-in at the commencement of each day for all of their events for that day.


Age Groups

The NSW Junior & Youth Championships events will be conducted in the Under 14, Under 15, Under 16, Under 17, Under 18 and Under 20 age group, with age groups determined by age of the athlete on the 31st December 2016. For example, if an athlete is 15 years old on the 31st December 2016, he will be competing in the Under 16 age group. Para events will be offered in the U16 and U20 age groups only.



Field Events

In all field events, except for the high jump and pole vault, each athlete in the U17, U18, and U20 age groups will be allowed three attempts and the eight athletes with the best valid performances will be allowed a further three attempts. Each athlete in the U14, U15, and U16 age groups will be allowed three attempts and the eight athletes with the best valid performances will be allowed a further single attempt.


Para athletes in the U16 age group will be allowed four attempts in all field events. Para athletes in the U20 age group will be allowed 6 attempts.



Click here for the 2015/16 Summer Handbook



Live results will be available throughout the competition. Click here to go to the live results site. Collated results will be published on the results page here.




The Sydney Olympic Park Athletics Centre

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